Study on Fish Processing Wastewater Treatment by Swim-bed and Stick-bed Processes

Phong Tan Nguyen, Luan Thanh Mai



This research focuses on fish processing wastewater treatment by a system including anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic processes. There are two kinds of materials used in the system as biomass carrier that are Biofix and Biofringe. Stick bed with Biofix was used in anaerobic and anoxic tank; Swim bed with Biofringe used in aerobic tank. Fish processing wastewater was fed continuously to the systems with various organic loading rates (OLR) from 1.5 to 4.5 kg COD/m3.d. The initial results show that at organic loading rate of 1.5 kg COD/m3.d, COD, TKN, T-P removal efficiencies are 93%, 60% and 55%, respectively.


Keyword: Biofix; Biofringe; Fish wastewater; Stick-bed; Swim-bed