Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Sediment Yield-Case Study Nashe, Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

Dereje Gizaw, Megersa Kebede



This study was applied to estimate physical based soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) model for spatial and temporal patterns of soil erosion of Nashe watershed, Western Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. This study assesses sediment yield from Nashe watershed at outlet. The stream flow was calibrated for ten years (1991-2001) and validated seven years (2002-2008) at Nashe station using SWAT-CUP to estimate performance of the model. The model performance has been evaluated by using statistical parameters of coefficient of determination (R2) and Nash-Sutcliffe simulation efficiency (ENS) 0.79, 0.75 respectively for calibration. Model validation results 0.71 and 0.65 for R2 and ENS, respectively. Both calibration and validation results indicate that the observed values show good agreement with simulated flow. Sediment yield from each sub watershed were determined and prone soil erosion area has been identified for management planning.

Keywords: Modeling; Nashe; sediment yields; soil erosion; SWAT-CUP