Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Awetu River, Jimma, Oromia, Ethiopia

Megersa Kebede Leta, Wakjira Takala Dibaba



Water is an essential part of this environment. Water quality is the great public health concern in developing countries and for the study area at large. Water quality assessment can be the evaluation of the physical and chemical nature of water in relation to natural quality, human effects and intended uses. Therefore the aim of this study was to assess the quality of Awetu River through analysis of some selected water quality parameters for irrigation and other domestic purposes in the Jimma town, Oromia, Ethiopia based on physico-chemical parameters. Water samples were collected along the River from four (Upstream, downstream and two points at the midstream) sampling sites and analyzed for various physico-chemical parameters.Accordingly, the results obtained show that some of the physical and chemical parameters were within the accepted range of the guideline recommended by WHO, FAO and Ethiopian standards. In addition to this, some parameters are at alarming state as compared to the standards for different purposes. Therefore, the river water was found to be unfit for human consumption and was found to be safe and utilizable for different purposes by suggesting they need for treatment measures for use of the particular surface water.

Keywords: Awetu River; physico-chemical;pollution; water quality