Quality Monitoring of the Treated Water in Japanese Water Treatment Plant,El-Mahalla El-Koubra City, Egypt

Mohamed Ayoub



Water quality index (WQI) is a smart tool for the overall assessment of water quality. The present study aimed to monitor the treated water quality in Japanese water treatment plant located inEl-Mahalla El-Koubra City, Egypt. Furthermore, statistical analysis was applied to develop a simple model for accurate prediction of WQI depending on the different water quality parameters. The results indicate good quality of the treated water for potable uses in general. On the other hand, the statistical analysis using multiple linear regression (MLR) model revealed that there is a very strong correlation between WQI and parameters of water quality confirmed by R-squared value of 0.998. Likewise, the relationship between the estimated WQI and the predicted WQI using MLRmodel expresses a very strong correlation confirmed by R-squared value of 0.947. Therefore, MLR model is simple as well as accurate approach for estimation of WQI.

KeywordsAssessment of water quality; multiple linear regression; water treatment; water quality index