Knowledge and Opinion of Farming Community about Irrigation Tanks - A Study from Tiruvannamalai District of Tamil Nadu State, India

Kumarasamy Sampath



Irrigation tanks which are important for agricultural and other livelihood activities of farming community are facing many threats in India. Since the protection and management of irrigation tanks rest with the command area farmers (ayacutars) of respective irrigation tank, it becomes very essential to study their knowledge and opinion on various aspects of irrigation tanks. The present study was carried out in Tiruvannamalai district, which is endowed with 1900 irrigation tanks with water-spread area ranging from 5 to 767 ha, to determine the prevailing knowledge and opinion of farmers on utility values, management and threats of the irrigation tanks. Tools namely “information schedule”, “questionnaire” and “opinionnaire” were designed and administered on 264 farmers from 88 irrigation tanks with three farmers each.  The total water-spread area of all the 88 tanks is 8492 ha. The profile of sampled farmers and irrigation tanks were collected by using information schedule. The mean knowledge score of the farmers for the dimensions namely “Utility values of tanks” and “Threats of tanks” was 55.08% and 56.43%, respectively. Similarly, the mean opinion score of the farmers for dimensions namely “Utility values of tanks”, “Threats of tanks” and “Management of tanks” was 79.17%, 80.46% and 76.07%, respectively.

Keywords: Irrigation tanks; farmers; statements; knowledge; opinion